Purple Heart (PH)

Purple Heart

This page is dedicated to the men who received the Purple Heart while assigned to the 221st Aviation Company from 1965 to 1971.

I apologize for any errors or omissions as the records keeping for this period of time were incomplete in many instances. If you were a recipient of the Purple Heart and your name is not listed, please provide me a copy of the citation and I will gladly add you to the list.


  • Captain Jeffrey L. Gray
  • Captain Gregory P. Barlow
  • Captain Tracy W. Forehand
  • Captain James C. McKee
  • Captain John R. Stanko
  • Captain J.D. Twenter
  • Captain James A. Kummings
  • Captain Charles J. Banks
  • Captain Boyce A. Cates
  • Major Ralph H. Hamner
  • First Lieutenant Gerald L. Borchardt
  • Captain Alfred T. Spain
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