The purpose of the stories and antidotes in this section is to give life to the facts and timelines of the history of the 221st Reconnaissance Airplane Company. These personal accounts add a real life component to our history that can be shared with other Shotgunners, their dependents, and any visitors to our web site. As such, it is imperative that we insure that these stories reflect the best in our personnel, the pride they have in their unit, and give an essence of this extraordinary company and its contribution during its seven years in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Each story that is submitted will be approved by a committee of Shotgunners for selection to the web site. The ideal length is from 1200 to 2500 words, but up to 5000 words will be considered. These submissions should be about your personal experience as it pertains to the 221st. Each story will be edited for content, grammar, and suitability for the web site.

Rumor, hear-say, vulgarity and anything that does not reflect the best of this unit, and its men, will not be published on our web site. Any use of stories on the web site by any third party will only be with the permission of the author, and if the author is unavailable, permission of the Shotgunners committee will be required.

Please submit your stories to the web master and he will take care of the rest. You will be notified about your submission as soon as possible. Everybody has a story, send us yours.

Welcome Home Major...but

by Don Modica

The Advance Party Experience

by Leigh Ogden

Where's Our Staff Car?

by Huard Libby

Getting to "Nam"

by Huard Libby


by Don Smith

"Shotgun" Patch and Call Sign

by Don Modica

Whatever Became of "Melody"?

by Huard Libby

"No! I Want To See My Son"

by David H. Cook

I Was Shotgun One Three

by Ed Willer

Special Delivery

by Tauno Wirkki

Three 221st Stories

by Bob Preble

Hon Ilo Ilo

by Fritz Guenther