Republic of Vietnam “Cross of Gallantry”

 Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm

This page is dedicated to the men who received the Republic of Vietnam “Cross of Gallantry” while assigned to the 221st Aviation Company from 1965 to 1971.

I apologize for any errors or omissions as the records keeping for this period of time were incomplete in many instances. If you were a receipient of the Republic of Vietnam “Cross of Gallantry” and your name is not listed, please provide me a copy of the citation and I will gladly add you to the list.


  • Captain Lawrence L. Johnson
  • Captain Bruce G. Werner
  • Major James R. Mellish
  • Major Phillip W. Gaskins
  • Captain Paul K. Tanguay
  • Captain John R. Stanko
  • Captain Edward R. Bryan
  • Captain Albert E. Hervey
  • Captain William C. Montgomery
  • Major William T. Poor
  • Captain James H. Haas
  • First Lieutenant Robert E. Langevin
  • Captain John R. Lenox
  • Captain David C. Sundberg
  • Captain Norman H. Svarrer
  • Captain Phillip W. Gaskins
  • Captain Richard W. Davis
  • Captain Jack D. Ragsdale
  • Captain Charles Rice
  • Captain Richard Henry Collins (3rd Award)
  • Captain Richard E. Calvert
  • Captain Virgil Don Loftis
  • Captain James C. McKee
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