The 221st Aviation Company (Shotguns) was activated under authority of the Department of the Army General Order 53, dated 23 March 1965, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The company departed the United States on 11 July 1965. The 221st was assigned to the 307th Combat Aviation Battalion on its arrival to Viet Nam. The 307th CAB was assigned to the 164th Group on 20 Dec 1967. The 221st was later transferred to the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion and finally the 214th Combat Aviation Battalion. The 221st began its assignment in Viet Nam at Soc Trang Airfield on 16 July 1965. It has aircraft located at many locations throughout the Delta. The unit was relocated to Can Tho on the transfer of Soc Trang to the VNAF. The unit eventually was relocated to Vinh Long to replace the 199th Aviation Company (Swamp Foxes) as they were disbanded. On 10 October 1971 the 221st flew its’ last mission ending fixed wing support of the 164th Combat Aviation Group in the Delta.

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Monte Caylor